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Carrito de compras

The Originals. The untold story. The Loss (2)

It's 1766. The oldest vampires in the world, siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson, have rebuilt New Orleans to great glory. The witches live on the fringes in the bayou and the werewolves have fled. But still, Klaus isn't satisfied. No kingdom is complete without a queen to sit beside the king. Klaus has spent years trying to find a witch who will resurrect his love, Vivianne. When he finally finds a witch powerful enough and willing to perform the spell, happiness suddenly seems within reach.

But things aren't as simple as they seem, and the witch has an agenda of her own ...

Ficha técnica
ISBN: 9781444925142
Número de páginas: 320
Editorial: Hodder
Encuadernacion: Rústica


$U 465

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