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Abandoned France

Following the success of Sylvaine Margaine's first book, Forbidden Places, Abandoned France continues his journey in search of forbidden and often overlooked places. He draws attention to the dramatic fate of the country's heritage, the preservation of which has become a matter for serious reflection. An unrestricted visual journey inside the forgotten heritage of France; Captivating, explorative photography exposes the forgotten places and buildings shedding light on a long-abandoned world; 22 abandoned places chosen from 15 years of exploration take you to the four corners of France to tell the story of a forgotten heritage through thought-provoking images and text; Places included are the Gandrange steelworks, the decommissioned Uckange blast furnaces in Lorraine, a marine graveyard in Brittany, a forgotten chateau on the outskirts of Paris, a derelict sanatorium in the Alps, a military fort in the Pyrenees. For readers who love old things, old places, forgotten places, once elegant places of once thriving businesses. The photographs and text bring these forgotten places back to life.

Ficha técnica
ISBN: 9782361952167
Número de páginas: 208
Editorial: Jonglez
Encuadernacion: Tapa dura


$U 1.199

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